2018 Economic Impact Study

Our purpose may be moving people and goods, but the Fredericton International Airport (YFC) is much more than an air transportation gateway. The strength of our community—our local economy—is inextricably linked to the success of our region’s international airport. As such, the airport is a key driver of our community’s vitality. YFC and the Fredericton region enjoy a symbiotic relationship, each contributing to the success of the other, creating significant economic prosperity for all our communities.

The success of the airport is rooted in relationships.

To local New Brunswickers, YFC is simply “the airport.” A single entity. A place on the map. But the organization and operation of YFC is actually a little more complicated.

Think of YFC as the physical infrastructure of the airport. This infrastructure is managed, operated, and developed by the not-forprofit corporation of the Fredericton International Airport Authority Inc. (FIAA). Most commercial and public services and products at the airport are delivered by independent businesses operating from within the YFC structure.

The airport is, therefore, the sum of many parts, including hundreds of committed people. It’s the relationship between these three groups of economic actors that creates the complete experience of “the airport” that we all feel and see when we travel. And it’s the relationship between these groups that cultivates growth for the airport and our communities.

Our region profits from YFC.

A strong airport is a strong community. YFC makes many contributions to the economy of a large part of New Brunswick. The total economic impact can be broken down into such things as GDP (Gross Domestic Product), taxes, employment (and employment income), and the reinvestment the airport makes in the regional economy.

In all, the economic impact of YFC is so large, you may better understand it by considering it in the context of more relatable situations. With that in mind, the following video summarizes just how substantial YFC’s economic impact is.


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