5 things you can’t miss in Cayo Coco, Cuba

Cayo Coco is a small island off the northern coast of central Cuba, and if it sounds familiar it’s one of two islands you may have read about in Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea and Islands in the Stream. Cayo Coco is part of the chain of islands known as Jardines del Ray, or “King’s Gardens”. With towering palms trees, lush landscape and impeccable sand beaches, Cayo Coco is one of Cuba’s most popular resort areas. If that isn’t enough, we’ve got 5 more reasons to check out this gorgeous destination!

Flights direct from Fredericton to Cayo Coco start February 12, 2019!


1. See the mangroves by speedboat

Cuba is home to the Greater Antilles mangroves, a seaside forest made up of dozens of types of trees and plants. Mangroves only grow near the equator and you’ll recognize one by its dense tangle of roots all winding down into the water making the forest look like it stands on stilts! Here, you’ll see tropical birds, lizards, and animals that flourish, protected by the trees. Cayo Coco’s mangrove is best explored by speedboat, which will have you feeling like you’re in another world as you zoom through tree tunnels and hear the jungle sounds.

2. Dive Cayo Coco

If you’ve found yourself floating above the Cuban reef and wishing you could dive down for closer look, then take advantage of Cayo Coco’s scuba diving. You needn’t be a certified diver as most resorts offer introductory lessons and dives. Certified divers will be blown away by Cayo Coco’s diverse underwater sites – reefs, wrecks and caves by day or by night!

3. Day trip to nearby Morón

Across the 37-mile long Cayo Coco causeway is the city of Morón. Here you’ll find quintessential Cuban architecture, classic cars and the kind of exotic city energy that you can only find in Cuba. Morón is the perfect place for some retail therapy. Make a full day of it and visit the local sugar mill, cigar factory or crocodile farm. Did we mention the Cayo Coco causeway feels like you’re driving along a never-ending sand bar toward a tropical oasis? It’s reason enough to make the trip!

4. Sun yourself at Playa Pilar

Cayo Coco has more than 22km of white sand beach including Playa los Flamencos, named for the birds you see here in abundance. But just next door to Cayo Coco, across Puente Hemingway (Hemingway Bridge) is the tiny island of Cayo Guillermo. Here, you’ll find Playa Pilar. It’s a pristine beach with powdery white sand and the largest dunes in the Caribbean. The calm shallow water is sparkling turquoise and is perfect for paddling and snorkelling!

5. Grab your binoculars for bird watching

A little known fact about Cayo Coco is it is one of the country’s best bird watching destinations with 150 different bird species. It is home of one of the largest colony’s of pink flamingos in the Caribbean! An interesting fact about this unique bird is that it prefers to eat shrimp, whose carotenoid content gives it the vibrant pink color.  So pack your binoculars – this isn’t your neighbours 50th birthday party, it’s the real deal!

Get ready to relax

With a direct flight from Fredericton International Airport to Cayo Coco, Cuba it’s now even easier to kick back and hit the beach! Sunwing direct flights from Fredericton International Airport start February 12, 2019, visit sunwing.ca or call your travel agent today.