Air Canada plane takes off

Fredericton International Airport en route to another record year

Air Canada plane takes off(Fredericton, October 20, 2014) If the current trend continues, Fredericton International Airport will surpass last year’s record for traffic.

The numbers are in for the third quarter of the year, and they show an increase in traffic of five-and-a-half percent over the third quarter of 2013.

FIAA President and CEO David Innes says “what is really encouraging is that these latest figures follow the trend of record growth for the first two quarters of the year, so we are on pace to set another record for travellers served.”

Innes credits changes to Air Canada’s schedules, especially an earlier morning flight to Halifax that is proving very popular, “but even beyond this, we are finding that more and more people are doing comparison shopping before they fly, and in doing this, that they are finding it is not necessarily less expensive to drive to an airport in Maine. This is good news for us, obviously because it’s more business, but it is also good for travellers and for the city and region as a whole.”

By the end of the third quarter, nearly 250,000 passengers had passed through Fredericton International Airport, either leaving or arriving.