Earlier morning flight to Halifax begins May 1

Starting May 1st you will be able to catch a flight to Halifax at 6:40 each morning. This is a switch from the current 9:10am flight, and the change by Air Canada will facilitate better service for the region’s business community.

FIAA’s Director of Marketing and Business Development John Hamilton says, “the airport wanted to make this change so that customers could fly to Halifax and do a day’s business and then make it home to sleep in their own bed.” Hamilton says this earlier flight will also better serve people looking for connections, especially to Newfoundland and Labrador but also to Europe. He adds that Air Canada deserves credit for finding a way to make this happen.

Fredericton Chamber of Commerce CEO Krista Ross says this is indeed good news. “We value our partnership with FIAA and the importance of the airport to our business community. This change definitely makes it better for us. We can make necessary trips to Halifax and beyond with less time away from home and from the office, and that makes us more competitive.”

To book a flight, visit the Air Canada website.