Hurricane update

By bringing us closer together, air travel shows us how connected we truly are.

In times of disaster, our thoughts are always foremost with the people who have lost lives, houses, or their livelihood. This month has brought extremely challenging natural disasters to many countries, including destinations New Brunswickers feel an especially close connection to.

The Fredericton International Airport Authority has made a donation to GlobalMedic, to support their rapid-response emergency teams who provide lifesaving intervention in times of disaster. Our thoughts continue to be with everyone impacted by this unusually destructive hurricane season and the recent earthquakes.

We also know that many of our travellers have been wondering about the impact these recent hurricanes may have on flights from YFC. This will vary depending on destination, airline, and hotel. At this time, we have been advised that all our direct sun destinations are either open for business already or are expected to be open for business prior to the start of those flights in February.

For detailed updates on destinations and flights, we recommend that you contact your airline.