Parking Lot Conditions

UPDATE APRIL 3, 2014: Our contractors worked through the night to ensure that everyone is able to drive out of their parking spots, and operations have returned to normal. If you do encounter any issues, please chat with one of the commissionaires at the airport.

As all of you who’ve had to clear your driveways know, the mix of precipitation we’ve had over the past few days has been unusually tough to deal with. Combined with the need to work carefully around parked cars, the ice pellet/snow/freezing rain mixture has made it challenging to keep the airport’s parking lots clear.

Our sincere apologies to all of our passengers – we know how frustrating it is to battle snow and ice in the parking lot, especially when you’re carrying luggage.

Until the parking lot is in reasonable condition, we will not be charging for parking. The gates will be raised, and you will not need to pay or insert a ticket before leaving the lot.

Once the lots are cleared, we will return to normal operations.

Thank you for your patience. We’re all hoping Spring makes an appearance in Fredericton soon!

If you have any questions, please contact the FIAA at 460-0920.