FIAA Manager of Public Relations and Marketing Kate O'Rourke, Communications Assistant Emma McCluskey, Director of the Fredericton Airport Julia Stewart and FIAA CEO Johanne Gallant, all smile in front of the Flybrary.

Reading on the FLY

The YFC Flybrary is back at the Fredericton International Airport! First launched in 2019, the program was paused due to COVID-19 and the construction of the new terminal building. This popular program allows travellers to pick up a book in the departures lounge, read it leisurely and return it on their next trip, or keep the book and pay it forward. Passengers can also take a book and leave a book, helping to build the Flybrary with their donations.

The YFC Flybrary is a partnership between the Fredericton International Airport Authority (FIAA) and the Fredericton Public Library.

“A great book can make time fly, making books the perfect travel companion,” said Kate O’Rourke, FIAA Manager of Public Relations and Marketing. “We’re excited to once again bring the YFC Flybrary to our travellers, thanks to the generous assistance of the Fredericton Public Library.”

“Kate and I began chatting about the possibility of books at the airport a number of years ago, said Julia Stewart, Library Director of the Fredericton Public Library. “We both love to read, and reading when flying is a given, so the Flybrary was the perfect way to bring the public library and the airport together.”

Passengers are not required to have a library card, and the program is free of charge. In addition to the Flybrary, books by local authors are available for purchase at both of the Chess Piece Café locations in the airport.

“We support the Flybrary with items donated from our community and hope it continues for years to come, said Ms. Stewart. “You can find books for all ages, in both official languages on various subjects—really something for everyone.”

The Fredericton Public Library will periodically visit the airport to replace Flybrary books that become travelling companions to passengers.

With a brand-new terminal building and a track record of growth, the Fredericton International Airport (YFC) is ready to reconnect New Brunswickers with the world. Serving central and Western New Brunswick, including the capital city, Fredericton, YFC offers flights to Canadian hubs and sun destinations and is home to over 20 companies employing more than 300 New Brunswickers.