Traffic numbers continue to improve at Fredericton International Airport

(Fredericton, July 16, 2014) The first six months of 2014 saw continued traffic growth at the Fredericton International Airport, with passenger numbers up 8.75% compared to the same period in 2013.

“What is really encouraging about this increase is that it comes on the heels of what was a record year in 2013, where traffic was up more than five percent over the previous year, so this certainly shows a positive trend” says FIAA’s Director of Marketing and Business Development John Hamilton.

CEO David Innes says the numbers show that people of the greater Fredericton area are choosing to fly out of Fredericton International more often. He credits a combination of external market conditions such as the weaker Canadian dollar and changes at FIAA to better accommodate business travellers, specifically Air Canada’s earlier daily flight to Halifax.

Innes also feels part of YFC’s growth is due to travellers realizing the perception that flights out of competing airports are less expensive isn’t necessarily the case. The FIAA worked with Air Canada to make significant pricing changes in 2013: Air Canada committed to equitable pricing between the three New Brunswick airports, and also lowered the fares for flights to Halifax.

“We’re hearing from people more and more that as they check airfares, prices out of Fredericton are competitive with those from Moncton, Halifax, and even Bangor depending on the flight and destination,” says Innes.

Innes says the increased traffic at FIAA is good news for the airport, for travellers and for Fredericton.

“We know you have a choice. Every time you choose to fly from the Fredericton airport, you keep that money in our local community. That means more jobs here in Fredericton. It also means that the airport authority has an increasingly strong business case to present to airlines when we’re negotiating for improved routes or additional carriers.”