Traveller Alert

If you’re flying in or out of YFC soon, you’re going to notice some changes as we begin our much-anticipated terminal expansion project.

Here’s what you need to know, before you arrive, to make for smooth travels:

  • Drop-off, pick-up, taxis: The road in front of the terminal is closed. Passenger drop-off and pick-up will be located where short-term parking used to be, directly in front of the terminal’s former main entrance. This is also where you will go to access taxis.
  • Parking: As of June 4, all parking, both short-term and long-term, will be located in the long-term parking lot. Rates for parking remain the same.
  • Car rentals: The car rental counters have moved temporarily. You will now exit the Arrivals door, and turn to the right where you will see car rentals in a temporary kiosk just outside the terminal building. See the new location on our map.
  • Departures/Check-in: The temporary entrance is located at the opposite end of the terminal. Once inside, the check-in counters are located to the left (WestJet and Porter) and right (Air Canada). After check-in, simply follow the signs to baggage drop-off and security.
  • Cargo: As of May 24, cargo will be located in the temporary departures/check-in area.
  • Arrivals: For passengers arriving at YFC, arrival location and baggage remains the same. Upon entering the terminal, the luggage belt will be located to the right. The exit is straight ahead, as before. Should you need to speak with your airline for any reason (for example, to report lost baggage), please proceed to the temporary departures/check in area, where the airline desks are now located.

We’ve posted lots of new wayfinding signage throughout the terminal to guide you. And anyone who works at the airport will be more than happy to point you in the right direction. Thanks for your patience as we build for the future.

And here’s a map showing the temporary location of parking, check-in, car rental companies, and more.

Map of changes at Fredericton International Airport 2019

For more on YFC’s terminal expansion project: