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About the Airport Authority

The Fredericton International Airport Authority Inc. (FIAA) is a not-for-profit corporation established as a Corporation without Share Capital under Part II of the Canada Corporations Act. Under the act, the purpose of the Airport Authority is:

  • To manage, operate and develop the Fredericton International Airport, the premises of which will be leased to the Corporation by His Majesty the King in Right of Canada, and any other airport in the Greater Fredericton area for which it is or in the future becomes responsible (the "Airports") in a safe, secure, efficient, cost effective and financially viable manner the reasonable airport user charges and equitable access to all carriers.
  • To undertake and promote the development of the Airports lands for which it is responsible for uses compatible with air transportation activities; and
  • To expand transportation facilities and generate economic activity in ways which are compatible with air transportation activities.
Terminal exterior April 2021

Since transfer from Transport Canada in 2001, the Fredericton International Airport Authority Inc. has accomplished much to bring the Fredericton International Airport where it is today – a facility capable of handling a greater variety of business, larger aircraft, more passengers, military movement, and so much more.

With millions of dollars in investments in your airport since privatizing, the FIAA has extended the main runway to 8010 feet, built an 8200 square foot multi-purpose pavilion, renovated the departures lounge and restaurant area, reconfigured the parking lot and traffic flow, and added new flights as well as bringing WestJet to Fredericton.

In addition to completing the above projects, the Fredericton International Airport also performed obstruction clearance procedures, designed ICAO Type A drawings, etc. to receive its international designation! Receiving this status was a major accomplishment and allows for more opportunities through greater credibility.

The Fredericton International Airport is a key component for economic development, providing direct air service to major hubs and creating numerous jobs through its expanding business. There are over 200 people employed directly and a number of people employed indirectly through the Fredericton International Airport and the number keeps growing with the addition of a second air carrier (WestJet) and ground handler, establishment of a new flight school, and the development of the Aerospace and Defence Park adjacent to the airport.

Passenger Facility Fee

To support on-going improvements at the airport so we can continue to better serve the public, the Passenger Facility Fee is $30.00 CDN. To avoid line-ups and to ensure convenience for travelers, the fee is included in your ticket price.

Public Statement

The Fredericton International Airport Authority Inc. is required by the terms of its lease of the Fredericton International Airport from Transport Canada to agree with each municipality that the development of the airport be in harmony with the overall planning of the municipality. In that respect, the Fredericton International Airport Authority Inc. hereby states:

That all construction, development, and the use of land, building, and structures at the Fredericton International Airport will be consistent with all the approved land use plans in the Local Service District of Lincoln, NB.

All construction at the airport has been done in accordance with the provisions of the National Building Code, the National Fire Code, the Aeronautics Act, and other federal legislation governing the construction and development at airports.

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