Art is for everyone: Bringing YFC’s terminal to life one piece at a time

Gallery 78 employees install paintings in YFC’s terminal as part of the rotating year-round exhibit.

Art brings a community to life. That’s why the Fredericton International Airport (YFC) has partnered with Gallery 78 since 2005 to host a year-round exhibit at the airport. Established in 1976, Gallery 78 is the oldest private art gallery in New Brunswick.

“Partnerships are really important for the community,” says Managing Director Germaine Pataki-Thériault. “Art is for everyone; it makes lovely things happen. It makes you think differently.”

Gallery 78 is a family-owned business located in the heart of downtown Fredericton. One of its programs is titled, “Art Around Town,” in which they have artwork displayed throughout the community. The Gallery curates a rotating display of local artists, both new and emerging, in the arrivals area at YFC. The airport exhibit promotes local talent and creates amplified visibility for artists—bringing their art to passengers and guests from around the world.

ID: Communications Manager Véronique Thériault (left) and Managing Director Germaine Pataki-Thériault (right) smile in Gallery 78’s downtown location next to a colourful painting of a bicycle titled, “Part of Things” by Amy Dryer.

“The display at the airport is completely different than what we showcase at Gallery 78,” says Germaine. “At the airport we like to show a mixture of artists and different mediums. In the summer, we show classic New Brunswick and Nova Scotia pieces, such as landscapes/vistas.”

The art from this exhibit isn’t purely for décor; guests are able to purchase any of the pieces that catch their attention.

“There was one gentleman who called and said, ‘I’m leaving for a flight, but I saw a painting on the walls—can I buy it?’” Germaine recalls. She assured the passenger he could, and that Gallery 78 would take care of the details after he landed.

“We feel privileged and honoured to be at the airport. It’s a lovely opportunity to showcase the work of these artists,” says Germaine.

Art is transformative, it provides beauty, provokes thought, and even endows a sense of calmness, elevating the atmosphere of the Fredericton airport for passengers and employees alike.

“There are some hectic moments in airports, but there is also some beauty to be found in these transiting spaces, going from one place to another,” says Gallery 78 Communications Manager Véronique Thériault. “Having art that is visually striking, captures your eye; it grounds you and allows you to focus for a second despite the busyness.”

Next time you travel through the Fredericton International Airport, take a stroll through Gallery 78’s wonderful exhibit. For more information on the exhibit pieces go to