Growing Pains: Why the Fredericton International Airport needs a terminal expansion

Economic-Impact-Social-mediaSix years of record-breaking passenger growth. Job growth of 10 per cent every year for the past three years. A new air carrier, and a record number of direct sun destinations scheduled for next winter.

The Fredericton International Airport has seen an enviable string of success over the past six years, bringing in the air services our community needs and generating considerable economic stimulus along the way. Back in 2011 independent consultant InterVISTAS measured the airport’s impact to be 586 jobs and $24-million in GDP (including direct and indirect impacts), and we’re on track to bring 1,015 jobs and $41.5-million in GDP to New Brunswick by 2030.

A good problem to have?

As anyone who’s been here to catch a flight at peak times knows all too well, though, this success is creating some challenges.

Fredericton International Airport’s terminal building was built in the 1960’s and subsequent renovations have expanded that building to accommodate up to 200,000 passengers a year.

One of the earlier terminals.

One of our earlier terminals.

In 2015, the airport saw almost 350,000 passengers.

Passengers line up at the Fredericton International AirportOperating in an old building creates a lot of issues: we’re running out of space to accommodate new carriers, especially during the sun destination season. The heating and cooling systems are antiquated and require upgrading. Seating is limited in the departures lounge, as are food service options. There is just one security line, and no space to open a second during peak travel times.

Although the airport authority continues to work closely with our partners to make the building as efficient and comfortable as possible for our travellers and the 269 people employed at the airport, the bottom line is that for more than 10 years, our terminal has been operating over the capacity it was designed to accommodate.

Sure, having too much traffic is a good problem to have, but the airport authority wants to provide an efficient, comfortable, pleasant experience for our staff, business partners, and travellers – and we know they feel the same way.

Here we grow!

Architect concept of planned terminal expansion for the Fredericton International AirportThe airport authority has completed design work for a much-needed terminal expansion, which would alleviate the current congestion and see a renovated terminal building designed to handle 500,000 passengers a year. FIAA has secured its portion of the funding for the terminal expansion project and is seeking the support of partners at the provincial and federal levels of government to secure the remainder needed.

The project is ready to go to tender, and construction would create 572 FTE jobs.

Benefits to travellers when the project is complete include:

    • Architect concept of planned terminal expansion for the Fredericton International Airport

      Architect’s concept of interior

      Improved flow of passengers through the airport, accommodating traffic increases up to 500,000 passengers annually

    • Two security lines instead of one
    • Larger kitchen and dining area in the public area of the terminal
    • Departures area will be larger and more comfortable.
    • Food service & café area
    • Children’s play area
    • Additional seating
    • Additional washrooms
  • Shorter exterior distances to airplanes
  • More natural light

The building will also be more environmentally friendly:

  • more energy efficient
  • geothermal heating & cooling source
  • higher building envelope insulation
  • LED lighting

Architect concept of interior design for Fredericton International Airport expansion