Holiday travel tips from the Fredericton International Airport

The holiday season is upon us, and along with the magic can come a little stress – especially for travellers. Winter storms, full flights, and passengers travelling with extra luggage can combine to make the airport a busy place during the festive season, but with a few simple steps in preparation, holiday travel can go smoothly.

Here are our top three tips for a low-stress air travel experience:

1. Arrive early

Passengers at Air Canada's counter at the Fredericton International AirportThe most important step you can take is to give yourself lots of time. With the current terminal already 50% over capacity, frequent travelers know that it’s best to arrive early for their flights.

Add to this the extra luggage December travellers typically bring with them and lineups may move more slowly than usual as all the check-in luggage is processed and carry-on items are screened.

“We work closely with our partners at CATSA and the airlines to ensure everything moves as smoothly as possible, but the bottom line is that travel will likely take a bit of extra time during this holiday season,” says Johanne Gallant, President and CEO of the Fredericton International Airport Authority.

2. Know what’s allowed on the plane

catsa-holiday-tipStarting your holiday by having to leave an item behind at airport security or having your carefully wrapped gifts opened during the screening process isn’t fun. Avoid these situations by following the advice from the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA).

“The key to success at security is preparation. Our tips will help travellers breeze through busy checkpoints this holiday season. Passengers looking for information on the screening process or on what’s allowed in their baggage should go to our website, our Pinterest page or contact us on twitter”, said Mathieu Larocque, Spokesperson for CATSA.

Resources for travelers:

Winter travel tips:

CATSA Website

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3. Expect the unexpected

child drawingWinter weather can topple the best of plans. Keep an eye on your flight status by checking or your airline’s website – and remember that even when the weather is fine in Fredericton, conditions at other airports can impact flights here. Bring extra books, toys for your kids, and snacks, too, just in case.

And if you’re headed south, take a warm pair of boots & a winter coat with you instead of planning to have someone bring it to the airport for you when you arrive home. If your flight is diverted to another airport due to weather, you don’t want to freeze coming off the plane!