Relaxation and rum! Why Cayo Santa Maria should be on your bucket list.

Cayo Santa Maria is a remote island on Cuba’s Jardines Del Rey Archipelago. This tiny paradise has eight miles of the finest white sand and impossibly clear, turquoise water you’ll ever see.

Are you ready?


Relax. direct flights from Fredericton International Airport to Cayo Santa Maria start February 12, 2019.

The journey and the destination

Step off the plane and take a journey from Santa Clara to Cayo Santa Maria through the towns and countryside of Villa Clara Province. Along the way you’ll see small towns, sugar and tobacco plantations and vintage cars – snapshots of Cuban life and a beautiful contrast to the resort community you’ll call home for your stay. Crossing the 48km causeway to Cayo Santa Maria you’ll watch the horizon transform from distant green in a sea of blue to slowly reveal sun soaked resort buildings surrounded by brilliant white shore. Take a breath. This is your vacation.

Embrace the pace… and the perfection

Spend your morning sailing over reefs on a catamaran adventure and stop to swim with tropical fish. Until you see this place for yourself you might wonder if the photos of the clear turquoise water and white sand are genuine, but trust us: the reality is even better.

A taste of Cuba

The Caribbean sun will warm your feet as you savour the fine flavours of Cuba’s national spirit – rum! Whether you enjoy it on the rocks, in a Cuba libre, or in a minty mojito, it will have you feeling that vacation vibe in a heartbeat.


History worth exploring

Experience the history and passion of the Cuban people with a visit to Santa Clara. Apart from brilliant examples of colonial, neoclassical and postmodern architecture you will also find sculptures, museums and monuments dedicated to Ernesto Che Guevara. Here, in 1958, Che’s rebel troops fought and won a decisive victory over President Batista’s regime. Che is memorialized throughout Santa Clara making this an ideal destination for those keen on understanding the history and culture of this city and its people.

Smooth Cuban Groove

Music here is woven into the Cuban identity. It’s everywhere and its roots can be traced to West African beats, Spanish melodies and later influences from American and Latin jazz. But all you really need to know is Cuban music has a unique ability to get into your soul, connecting your body and mind to the essence of Cuba. Live Cuban musicians perform nightly at many Cayo Santa Maria resorts.


From the soft sunrise to the golden glow of the setting sun, you will fall in love with this island. Leave your winter blues behind and relax in a peaceful paradise.

Make your escape to Cayo Santa Maria with a direct flight from Fredericton International Airport. Sunwing direct flights from Fredericton start February 12, 2019. To book your getaway, visit or call your travel agent today.