Safe and secure, with a smile

Steve Pelletier leads YFC’s security detail with a focus on service

From YFC’s gates to its grounds, Steve Pelletier, Security Detail Supervisor at Fredericton International Airport (YFC), and his team of approximately 15 Commissionaires are on the job to keep people and property safe.

Passionate about their job, they take pride in creating a standout experience for visitors and travellers.

“Fundamentally, we’re security. We’re here to enforce airport and safety regulations,” Steve says. “But I wanted to build something even more special.”

He leads his team to go above and beyond.

“We are ambassadors not just of the Commissionaires, but of the Fredericton International Airport Authority, and need to embody their values and missions in every interaction,” he says. “We do that by providing customer service at a higher level.”

A well-rounded teamSteve Pelletier and Alec Hartson, employees at Fredericton International Airport (YFC), smile at the camera in Steve's office.

Steve’s security detail doesn’t just cover a large physical area–their responsibilities encompass a wide range of situations, from helping passengers and visitors to defusing tense situations and being ready for any emergency.

He praises the diversity of his team members’ backgrounds, which span criminology, military, policing, personal protection and more.

“We’ve got quite a vast variety of skill sets to draw from,” Steve says. “In our line of work, situations can change quickly, and you need to be able to adapt immediately.” His teams’ vast experience, including everything from de-escalation techniques to communication and leadership training, allows them to do exactly that.

The larger YFC team includes employees working with airlines, NAV CANADA, the airport authority, car rental agencies, and more, and Steve credits them with helping to make the airport a great place to work.

“It’s the people that make it special,” he says. “Without the people, you just have a blank canvas—they [YFC employees] make it colourful.”

Kind words and helping hands

Travel is exciting. It can also be stressful, and Steve and his team are on the front lines at YFC, making it as pleasant and easy as possible for every passenger.

“It could be something as simple as how you greet people,” he says.

A kind word and a helping hand are all part of that outstanding experience. From buying someone a coffee as they wait for a flight, to assisting an anxious parent travelling with young children or assisting someone with mobility challenges, he—along with his team—take great pride in those positive interactions.

“Seeing those smiles is what drives me.”