Terminal expansion & renovation FAQ

Why does YFC need to be expanded?

The current terminal building exceeded the capacity it was designed to accommodate over 10 years ago. Since then, the Fredericton International Airport Authority has worked with our service partners to identify creative ways to improve efficiency and services, thus extending the life of the building. However, after 8 years of record-breaking growth, we are simply out of space. It’s important that our travellers have enough space to be comfortable and that we provide the services travellers expect post-security (for example, a café, children’s play area, and additional washrooms).

The new terminal will also further improve security and provide appropriate space for the existing security lines.

Last, but definitely not least, our airport needs to do a better job of acting as an ambassador for our region. YFC is the first thing travellers and investors see when they arrive to our capital region, and it is the last impression they have to take away with them. The new terminal will reflect the land and community we love: vibrant, smart, and inspired by nature.

Will the expansion create more jobs?

Yes! The construction project will create 572 FTE (full-time equivalent) jobs in addition to the 662 FTE jobs that the airport’s ongoing operation supports annually.

How will the new terminal be better for travellers?

The new terminal will be larger, more comfortable, and be a better ambassador for our vibrant capital region. Some of the specific benefits to travellers when the project is complete include:

  • Improved flow of passengers through the airport.
  • Additional ticket counters.
  • Permanent, more efficient installation of security screening lines.
  • Enhanced food service, including larger kitchen.
  • Departures area will be larger and more comfortable.
    • Food service & café area
    • Children’s play area
    • Additional seating
    • Additional washrooms
  • Covered corridors to airplanes.
  • Upgrades to the energy efficiency of the airport.

What will the terminal expansion look like?

The architect’s renderings are below. Colours and interior design details may change as the project progresses, but you can expect to see more natural light and a design that is inspired by our “city at the edge of nature.”

Architect concept of planned terminal expansion for the Fredericton International Airport


What environmentally sustainable features will the new terminal have?

  • Skylights and large windows will provide natural light into the core of terminal.
  • Geothermal heating and cooling will help reduce the amount of energy required for winter heat and summer cooling.
  • Much like in your house, more insulation, tighter seals, and better windows provide increased energy efficiency and better comfort.

How long will construction take?

Construction is anticipated to take 30 months.

When will construction start?

An official start date for construction will be announced once the tendering process is complete and details have been finalized with the successful companies.

Who’s paying for the expansion?

The YFC Expansion project is a partnership between the Fredericton International Airport Authority, the Province of New Brunswick, and the Government of Canada.

Will flights be impacted? Will I have to arrive at the airport earlier than usual during construction?

YFC has worked diligently to bring new flights and new destinations to our region, and we’re working just as hard to make sure those flights aren’t impacted by this expansion. Construction will move some services and facilities to new places within the airport and we recommend that all passengers plan to arrive early to ensure a stress-free check-in and security screening experience. Details on changes will be communicated as they are finalized.

Will parking be affected?

The long term parking area will not be affected by construction. The short term parking and main terminal road in front of the terminal will be subject to periodic closures and/or reductions of capacity.

I work with a company that is interested in participating in the construction project. Where do I find this information?

The tender documents will be provided through the Construction Associations of New Brunswick.

  • CANB Moncton Northeast at 297 Collishaw Street, Moncton
  • CANB Moncton Northeast at 660 St. Anne Street, Bathurst
  • CANB Saint John Region at 263 Germain Street, Saint John
  • CANB Fredericton Northwest at 59 Avonlea Court, Fredericton