Travel tips for a smooth flight this holiday season

The holidays are a time of cheer and celebration—and busy airports! We’ve partnered with CATSA to bring you tips and tricks to make your holiday travel as smooth as possible this year.

Leave enough time

The holidays are a busy time of year and airports are no exception. We recommend arriving at the airport a minimum of 2 hours before your flight departs. This allows for time to check in and move through security screening.

A woman sits at a Chess Piece Café table at the airport and enjoys a croissant with a mug of coffee. An Ireland book and passport are on the table in the background.

After passing through security, grab a coffee or treat from Chess Piece Pâtisserie and Café. Local and delicious, it’s Fredericton’s first and only Parisian style café.

A woman and a man sit at a Chess Piece Café at a counter, with two glasses of red wine, looking at a laptop.

Read a book

FIAA Manager of Public Relations and Marketing Kate O'Rourke, FIAA Communications Assistant Emma McCluskey, Library Director of the Fredericton Public Library Julia Stewart and Fredericton International Airport CEO Johanne Gallant, all smile in front of the Flybrary.

Are you a bookworm? YFC and the Fredericton Region Public Library have partnered to create the Flybrary—a program where travellers can pick up a book in the departures lounge, read it leisurely and return it on their next trip, or keep the book and pay it forward.

For your comfort, YFC is fully equipped with free Wi-Fi, USB, USB-C, and regular outlets so go ahead and bring your tablets, computers, and phones to keep you entertained and productive at the airport!


If you’re bringing a gift to the airport, leave the wrapping until after you reach your destination. Items may need to be inspected during your security check.

A little boy in blue pajamas with red holiday socks, sits on the floor playing with a toy gun. The toy gun has a foam bullet shooting towards the camera.

Toy weapons that are clearly toys and do not look real are allowed in your carry on and checked baggage. Anything that looks realistic is considered a replica and is not allowed in carry-on baggage (some items may not be allowed in checked baggage either). For a full list of items allowed visit CATSA’s website.

Prepare for the unpredictable

The weather can be unpredictable around the holidays. From heavy snow to high winds and freezing rain, winter weather can have a mind of its own.

Our crew at YFC works around the clock to keep the runways and apron open and clear of ice and snow. For specifics on your flight, we recommend checking with your airline prior to leaving for the airport. Remember, weather at your destination or the city the plane is arriving from can impact schedules.

Know your limits

In carry-on luggage, you can bring liquids, aerosols and gels but each container must be 100 ml or less. All containers must fit in one transparent, closed and resealable plastic bag no more than 1 litre in capacity.

Any containers over 100 ml/100 g (3.4 oz) can be placed in your checked baggage if they are not prohibited items.

A snow globe sits on a green table with lights in the background. The snow globe has a green tree inside it with a star on top, a Santa, and a reindeer.

Snow globes are a popular seasonal gift but keep in mind they are filled with liquid that must be 100 ml or less. It’s best to pack snow globes in your checked bag.

A YFC branded water bottle is being filled water at an Elkay water fountain in the airport.

Full bottles of water (over 100 ml) are not allowed in your carry-on bag, but you can bring an empty bottle with you and fill it up once you’re in the departures lounge.

If you’re wondering what qualifies as a liquid, aerosol, or gel take a peek at CATSA’s list. Their website also shows exceptions for items such as baby food and prescription medicine.

To bring or to not…

If you are unsure what items are allowed in a carry-on, check CATSA’s What Can I Bring? list before you pack.

When in doubt, leave it out, or check it in! It’s always a safer bet to leave items in a checked bag, rather than a carry on. Alternatively, you can leave the item at home.

Thank you for choosing YFC this season!