YFC Flybrary

Here at the Fredericton International Airport, we know that stepping on a plane and walking out into a new part of the world just a few hours later can be awe-inspiring. We also believe that reading lets you travel without ever leaving home – and that the combination of a trip and a good book is truly magical.

That’s why we’ve partnered with the New Brunswick Public Library Service to launch the YFC Flybrary. Travellers can pick up a book right here in our departures lounge, free of charge, no library card needed. Read it and return it on your next trip, replace it with a book you’ve already finished, or keep the book and pay it forward to a friend you think would love it. Just like travelling, the choices are almost endless.

The Fredericton Public Library has graciously agreed to keep the YFC Flybrary stocked. They’ll bring us a selection of English and French titles, travel and children’s books, as well as books written by Canadian and New Brunswick authors.

We invite you to check out the YFC Flybrary and take a bit of magic with you on your next trip.