YFC headed to Fredericton’s “Touch a Truck” May 25

The Fredericton International Airport Authority is excited to be a part of Touch a Truck again this year! This event is always popular, and in addition to sponsoring a class from the Lincoln Elementary School, this year we get to bring the Larue T85 snowblower to the event.

Larue T85 Airport Snowblower

Larue T85 Airport Snowblower

Larue T85 Snowblower

Snowblower in action on the runway

It can clear 4,000 tonnes of snow per hour, and has a combined horsepower of 775. Good thing, too, because this snowblower is the machine that cleared this snowbank on the apron earlier this year:


Dan Hovey helps demonstrate just how much snow we had this winter.

Come join us at Touch a Truck on Sunday, May 25, and you can ask Lester what it took to get that snowbank cleared – or anything else you’d like to know about the snowblower.

Touch a Truck poster