FIAA Greenhouse Gas Reduction Commitment Policy - Fredericton International Airport

FIAA Greenhouse Gas Reduction Commitment Policy

The Fredericton International Airport Authority (FIAA) is committed in helping the local and global environment by reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) being released into the atmosphere. Reducing GHGs (i.e. carbon emissions) will be managed through the Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) program, which promotes environmental efficiency and carbon reduction within airports across the world. Starting in 2018, the FIAA commenced on the journey to ultimately neutralizing Fredericton Airport’s carbon footprint through four different levels:

Level 1 – Mapping

  • Determining baseline emissions from sources within the operational boundary of FIAA

Level 2 – Reduction

  • Creating and implementing a Carbon Management Plan
  • Showing a reduction in the airport’s carbon footprint over multiple years

Level 3 – Optimisation

  • Widening the scope to include third party emissions
  • Engage third parties to take part in the Carbon Management Plan

Level 4 – Neutrality

  • Implementing strategies to offset the carbon emissions from the airport that could not be reduced in Levels 2 and 3

FIAA will track annual carbon emission sources, implement carbon reduction initiatives, and report annually to ACA starting in 2019 with a goal to reach Level 2 in the next couple years.

The FIAA CEO fully supports this policy and its goals. The policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure its validity and effectiveness.

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